The Season Saga

The Glamour is failing...

Discover another world, a breath away.

Immerse yourself in a beautifully realised world, both familiar and unique - a place where the Glamour protects the Folk from the mythical giant Fey.

But the Glamour is failing and there are those who would exploit its weakness.

When a Folk child is captured, her family set out on a desperate search to find her. A journey that will send them thousands of meadow-miles from the woods of the Isle of Lands, scattering them to the splendour of the royal palace of Khartour and to the forbidding imperial court in Duzquen.

They face bitter partings, intrigue, bloodshed and battle - but also discover unlikely alliances, deepest friendships and true love.

As the family race to be reunited, will the Glamour survive to protect them all for one more season?

A quest to find a stolen child becomes a fight to save a world.

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