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In 1993, members of a writer’s group in Braintree and volunteers at the then Braintree Hospital Radio decided to form a group to produce quality drama and documentary programming for hospital radio. Essex Hospital Radio Theatre was created.

Almost sixty productions later, and renamed in 2005 as Essex Audio Theatre, the group continues to thrive. With CD replacing cassette tape, and the Internet now providing a world wide audience, EAT is unique in providing opportunities for those passionate about radio drama.

Click HERE for the EAT adaptation of Can This Be England?


Plays written by Angela Neville & performed by EAT:

Belly Laughs  

Belly Laughs: Wendy has worked in the village shop since she left school more than thirty years ago. Living at home with her mother, she is aware of how narrow her existence has become, through both misplaced loyalty and lack of ambition. But putting up a poster in the shop window is about to change Wendy’s life forever…all thanks to the seductive power of an Egyptian dance class.


The Clod Hoper  

The Clod Hoper: Following his divorce, Lewis is encouraged by his daughter to take up metal detecting again. Finding a gold wedding ring he then meets Judy, who claims the ring was hers. But Lewis gradually begins to wonder if Judy is real. Is her voice only in his headphones? A ghost or a figment of his imagination? Would he ever really risk falling in love again?


The Little Woman  

The Little Woman: Alcott wakes up one morning to find that during the night she has shrunk and is now about ten centimetres tall. Eyebright, an equally small winged person, explains that this is the result of a wish she made twenty-six years before as a child. But is Alcott only dreaming? Is she suffering from extreme agoraphobia – overwhelmed by the world? Is she dead, and Eyebright a guardian spirit sent to make her accept a new kind of existence? Finally Alcott prepares to move on. But not before catching Eyebright’s favourite cheesy soap, The Wild and the Wistful.


Pulp Fairies  

Pulp Fairies: Do you believe in fairies? Precious little creatures, with clothes made from flower petals and magic wands for granting wishes to good little boys and girls… Probably not. I mean, it’s perfectly OK to say you believe in aliens and vampires, but fairies are just so - embarrassing. Except for some people. Right up until yesterday, Dora believed in them. And Dora was really a very sensible little girl. But just because we stop believing in something, doesn’t necessarily mean that that thing stops being real. Because the day Dora stopped believing in fairies, was the day the fairies decided to start believing in her…


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